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Pécsbánya-Rendező, 23 December 2020, 7:03 am CET – The forest of truss pillars is getting denser, the electric transmission lines are converging at the Pécs thermal power plant, operating next to the station. The largest amongst them carries 400 kV of current between Paks and Osijek, via Pécs. The voltage above the rails is only 25 kV, but the catenary already ends here at Pécsbánya Rendező. The main railway line to Osijek is not electrified from here, only diesel vehicles participate in the railway traffic. However, while emitting smoke is forgiven to a power plant or a Desiro motor car, it is resented for passengers standing next to the train. Afterall, the morning Pécs-Magyarbóly passenger train does not wait around seven minutes at the station due to a cigarette break.